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  • Change the Language

    Change the language of the Web application as per your need. Currently you can change between three languages Dutch, English and Spanish.
  • Change Number Formatter

    Number Formatter helps you to format the numbers across the application and the PDF. You can choose the decimal precision as well as set the thousand and decimal symbols of your choosing.
  • Add Footer / Disclaimer

    This feature will add Footer/Disclaimer at the end of PDF. The Footer/Disclaimer is shown on every page of the PDF. You can set different footer/disclaimer text for each document
  • Add Payment Details

    Payment details is where you should add information such as Bank Details, payment method etc. While this field is intended for bank details, you can provide any information in this field you like.
  • Upload Company Logo

    Upload your company's logo so that it will appear on document's PDF (Invoice, Estimate, Purchase Order, Credit Note).
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