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Use of Sync option to get newly subscribed plan on iOS, Android, and Mac app

In this article, we will explain you more about how you can get a newly subscribed plan on your mobile device (iOS, Android), and mac.

When to use Sync option

If you have just subscribed to a new plan from Professional Invoicing website then that plan will get auto-synced with Professional Invoicing app (iOS/Android/Mac) but if that plan is not getting auto-synced/reflected on your iOS/Android/Mac app (user account) then in order to get that newly subscribed plan you need to use sync option. 

iOS, Android, and Mac

  • Tap on sync  option available at the top on Dashboard.

Dashboard Sync

  • After syncing, you need tap on  to open side menu.
  • Tap on  
  • Tap on Plan Details. Now here you will be able to see your newly subscribed plan details.
Coming Soon

Currently, Plan Details option is only available for Android app. iOS and Mac app will be getting Plan Details option very soon.

Alternate methods to sync option

1) You can simply Logout from the app and Login again. For more info on how to logout click here

2) You need to perform some form transaction like create a new invoice, add a new client or edit an existing client, add a new product or edit an existing product, tap on Preview or Download option in an invoice available at top right corner, add or edit an item in an invoice, etc.

Updated on September 19, 2019

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