Make Multi-Currency Documents

If you are providing your services to foreign clients, you might want to create documents in currency that are different than your base currency. Professional Invoicing supports multi currency documents.

Only available for advanced and unlimited Plans

Muti currency support is only available for Advanced and Unlimited Plans.

iOS and Android

Multi Currency support is not available

Currently multi currency feature is not available on Android and iOS. We will be adding it soon.

Web and Mac

  • For using multi currency you need to create a client. While creating a new client you need to specify their currency (foreign currency). 
  • Now when you assign that client to a document then that document’s currency will change to that of client’s foreign currency.
  • While adding an item to the document, you need to have the price of the item in foreign currency. So you need to convert price of item from base currency to foreign currency.
  • For example – Item’s price in base Currency : $99. Now i want price in INR. So just check on google the current currency exchange rate i.e USD to INR. 99 USD -> 7,075.53 INR.
Updated on March 26, 2020

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