Account Reset

In this article, we will explain you more about how you can reset your account and we will give you some information about what happens if you reset your account.

iOS and Mac

Coming Soon

This feature is not currently available for iOS and Mac. Soon we are going to add it.


  • From side menu tap on Account under Settings.
  • Tap on Account Management -> Account Reset
  • Tap on Account Reset button.
  • Tap on Yes.

Logout from other App clients

If you are performing account reset from one device (Web or Android app) and If you are using other /multiple app clients (such as Android, iOS, Mac apps) then you need to logout and login again from all other app clients.

Example: Assume that you use Professional Invoicing app on multiple devices (Android, iOS, Mac). Now assume that you did account reset from Android app. So in such case you need to logout and login again from iOS and Mac apps.


  • From side menu click on Settings -> Account -> Account Management -> Account Reset
  • Click on Account Reset button.
  • Click on Yes.
Erasing account data

Resetting Account will erase all of your account data such as Invoices, Clients, Taxes etc. This will also reset your settings. The only thing that will remain is your company details and user account. This is similar to creating a brand new account. If you have synced data on mobile/mac devices, don’t forget uninstall & reinstall the application to complete the reset. If you forget to uninstall and reinstall, there would be Sync related issues with the mobile/mac application.

Updated on March 27, 2020

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